Past and present clients include the following:
  • NorthConnect. Specification and grid integration for 1400MW ±525kV VSC HVDC Link Scotland-Norway (2017 - ongoing).
  • FABLink. Review of tenders for 2 x 700MW ±320kV VSC multi-terminal HVDC Link France-Alderney-Britain (2016 - ongoing).
  • National Grid (UK)/WSP-PB. Tender evaluation for IFA2 Interconnecter 1000MW ±320kV VSC HVDC Link (2016).
  • Interconnecter developers. Technical and regulatory support for several privately financed UK interconnecter projects, including UK Connection Application CUSC (2015-2016).
  • World Bank (Washington DC). Advice on Saudi Arabia HVDC Interconnection (2016).
  • Scottish Power/WSP-PB. Evaluation of HVDC development options (2016).
  • Transpower New Zealand Ltd. Support for Pole 3 HVDC Project and other technology upgrade projects (2011-2013). Advice on transmission system planning. Technical supervision of 1992 HVDC upgrade project including redevelopment of earth return electrodes.
  • Origin Energy (Australia) and PNG SDL. Advice and management of feasibility studies for Purari River Project HVDC transmission between Papua New Guinea and Australia.
  • Brookfield Power Corporation (USA).  Investigation into transmission security and reinforcement options including HVDC for the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Ofgem (UK).  Advice on technology and performance of HVDC connections for Tranche 3 off-shore wind power development (with SKM).
  • Fichtner/SNEL.  Advice and supervision for re-commissioning of the Inga-Kolwezi HVDC link in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Transend Networks (Hobart, Tasmania).  Advice on Electricity Market and technical issues relating to Basslink HVDC link including testing and commissioning. 
  • BPL(NGC UK subsidiary)/Hydro Tasmania (Hobart, Tasmania).  Independent review and evaluation of Basslink System Protection Scheme design. 
  • Transpower New Zealand Limited.  Business planning for System Operator. 
  • TransGrid (Sydney, Australia) / China Light and Power (Hong Kong) / American Electric Power (USA) as AEI Basslink Joint Venture.  Development of EPC design and interconnection contracts.
  • Electricity Commission of New Zealand, as Director Transmission 2004-2009. Established regulated Grid Reliability Standards, Transmission Pricing Methodology and the Grid Investment Test.  Responsible for regulatory advice on $2.5b of transmission investment. Provision of expert evidence to Environment Court hearings.